A factory or production house comprises of various independent as well as interdependent departments running their functions in tandem for smooth roll out of finished goods. Most of the times the departments work independently and thus creates a void in interdepartmental communication. Also, a production house has to be typically linked to other support departments like Logistics, Supply chain, Sales, Marketing, Accounts, HR etc.


Understanding the gap in the integration of services, digigarage developed a holistic software for effective running of a production house. The software typically integrates the manufacturing and support services to draw an end to end unique platform for the management.

The software is specifically designed to cater for mid-scale production houses and typically fits in for industries like feed manufacturing, pharma, spices and FMCG products.


Dashboard business view on Management Information System

  • Sales Team integration
  • Sales Order Creation
  • Sales Approval Mechanism
  • Sales Force Travel Management System
  • Dealer/Customer Integration
  • Delivery Order
  • DC/GRN Creation
  • Sales Bill
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Recipe creation for quick production
  • Stock Management System
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Purchase Management System
  • Accounting Management System
  • User Control Management System
  • Sales/Purchase Return
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Employee Payroll management
  • Discounting Mechanism
  • Reports

Business Management Dashboard

Quick overview of key business activities like orders received, orders pending, overall stock value, despatches done, despatches pending, POs pending, Dealer out standings etc. This provides the management a quick helicopter view of the day to day business and insulates from last moment surprises.

Sales Team Integration

Sales team can be provided with limited access to view the dealers/customers under their area of responsibility, their out standings and ordering limits. Salesperson can generate a new order request from dealer and submit for further approval.

Sales order creation

Through independent log ins sales person on field and the dealer/customer both will have option to generate new sales request through smart phones.

Sales Approval Mechanism

Sales orders once generated will be put up for approval by the competent authority. Before approving the person can check the payment history, out standings and order limit value of the particular dealer/customer. The approving authority can also view the payment commitments made by customer/sales person and will also have option to add further commitments and remarks, if any.

Sales Force Travel Management System

Each field sales person will also be equipped with an integrated travel App to capture live locations, check in points and auto calculations of distance and conveyance amount

Delivery Order

Auto creation of delivery order once the order is approved. Delivery orders are send automatically to plant team for manufacture process. Delivery orders carry all relevant details pertaining to order and customer and no manual intervention is required.

DC/GRN Creation

Once the delivery is updated by production team auto DC is created with a printable format. Process includes weigh bridge integration and loading unloading details. Similarly, in case of purchase auto GRNs are created when material is received. All these activities also automatically update the stock status

Billing & Invoicing

Auto billing and invoicing post creation of sales bills, no requirement to make manual invoices. Sales bills also automatically updates the corresponding accounting ledgers

Recipe creation

Unlimited recipes can be created for finished goods and option to add raw material in percentage or fixed value for particular UoM of finished goods.

Stock Management System

Auto stock updates, live stock value, track stocks at various warehouses/plants. Option to fix Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ) for each stock type

Supply Chain Management

Integration of third party/self logistics facilities with the main portal. Tracking of freight costs and freight suppliers.

Purchase Management System

Auto updates to remind low stock level items, auto PO creation, PO approval system. PO tracking. Option to settle GRN with specific PO numbers

Accounting Management System

- Integrated Accounting software is a GST-ready accounting software that lets you send invoices, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory, generate reports, and file GST returns effortlessly. Get access to your balance sheets, trial balances, P&L statements and other relevant reports. All the operational modules of software are integrated to the accounting platform thus eliminating the need of separate operational and accounting softwares.

User Control Management System

Option to create multiple userswith limited access control.

Warehouse Management System

Integrated warehouse system with option to add multiple warehouses and independent access for warehouses. Stock transfer facility from one WH to another

Employee Payroll Management

Integrated HR management system to enable payroll and salary updates for employees

Discounting Mechanism

Options to add fixed or percentage wisediscounts independently to each dealer/customer.


Detailed business reports in downloadable formats

Digigarage is a Leading production house software with end to end integrated platform which helps you run the company on a single platform encompassing all major functions.