6 Advantages of Travel Management Software in our Organization

The pandemic had changed the way business was done, and face-to-face meetings were replaced by video conferencing. However, the world is returning to normal, and the importance of offline encounters with your partners and clients has become pivotal again. But corporate travels are a hassle owing to the number of requests, analyses, approvals, and negotiations it has to pass. The HR, finance team, travel desk, and the employee raising this request have to spend a lot of hours managing, booking, and reporting the expenditure of every employee's travel. Without a travel management software, all the travel requests, travel and accommodation bookings, analysis of the travel policies, and every other decision must be taken is made manually. 

Getting a corporate travel management system in your organization makes employee travel a cakewalk, minus all the complexities of raising requests and getting approvals. Many employees circumvent corporate travel due to the hassles involved in raising the request, getting the approvals, and then waiting for the reimbursement. On the other hand, travel management software manages all these tasks and saves a ton of effort for the various team involved in the process and the employee raising the request. Apart from this, travel management software is loaded with numerous other features that prove advantageous to the organization.

6 Benefits of a Travel Management Software

The parameters for managing employee travel change from organization to organization, but every travel management software includes some basic features that are useful to every type of company. 

Here is a list of X benefits that an employee travel-management software can bring to your organization.

1. One platform for many needs

Employees do not need to log in to different applications for flight, train, inter-city travel arrangements, and hotel bookings. An employee travel management system amalgamates all these in one platform letting the employee plan, book, and manage the entire business travel on the same platform. This saves an enormous amount of the employee time that otherwise would have been spent on hopping from one app to another.

2. Easy mode to raise requests

Unlike the traditional way of raising travel requests, travel management software provides a pre-filled form for every employee with their name, designation, reporting manager, and other essential details. The employee has to fill in some new details such as travel destination, purpose, dates, and other information, and the travel request is sent to the concerned manager, team, or both. 

3. Complies with the travel policies of the company

Traditionally, the travel policies were either sent in a pdf or printed and posted on a wall that is visible to everyone. However, while booking, adhering to the policies from the pdf or notice stuck on the wall was difficult. However, a corporate travel management system allows the organization to feed into its travel policies. Every time an employee raises a request, they can see the terms and conditions of the company. If the travel request violates any company travel guidelines, the employee and the concerned approver are immediately informed about this intersection.

4. Budget-Friendly

Most of the corporate travel management software comes with discounts and offers that make an employee travel budget-friendly to the organization compared to booking from anywhere else. Moreover, most of this software comes with an analysis and reporting feature wherein the employers can understand the common trends that employee booking follows and the expenses that could be avoided. This analytical statistic helps employers cut unwanted expenses on the upcoming employee trips.

5. Automatic approvals

An employee travel management system can be set so that the travel request is forwarded to the concerned team, reporting manager, or to everyone whose approval is needed. This saves time if there is a lot of employee travel in your organization. It also allows automatic approvals, where the employers can pre-set the yardsticks, and if an employee request caters to all these, it is directly approved. 

6. Well-organized process

When manually travel requests are raised, and reimbursement is done based on the invoices submitted by an employee, the whole process is a little haywire and lengthy. On many occasions, employees submit fake invoices, causing a leak in the company's travel budget. On the other hand, often, an employee misplaces some vital invoices and loses the amount that they should be reimbursed. When an employee travel management software manages all these bookings, no question of leaks or misplaced memos arises.