9 Key Features to Consider in any Employee Travel Management System

Digitalization has changed the way the world does business; most of the workforce has started meeting and co-working in a virtual space. However, this has not made face-to-face meetings obsolete. If we go by the numbers, in-person meetings can never be completely replaced by virtual ones. An Oxford Economics study concluded every $1 invested in business travel brought back a yield of $12.50 to the company revenue. Conversely, shunning in-person meetings can make an organization lose up to 17% of its profits. In simpler words, an in-person meeting and business travel are not going anywhere, and a prudent Employee Travel Management system is the need of the hour. 

Meeting consumers and partners in person is an apparent need of every organization, both from the statistical and general view. However, manually managing all the corporate travel requests requires a lot of paperwork and analysis. To meet this end, many companies are switching to automated corporate travel management to lessen the burden on the team and make raising requests and approvals for business travels an easy, flawless task. 

The features needed in a travel management system differ from organization to organization. However, 9 common attributes should be analyzed in any travel management tool.

9 Essentials in the best Employee Travel Management System

Every travel management software is loaded with benefits that lure the organizations. But before hasting to invest, analyze the system and see whether it has the essential requisites for your business model. 

In the first place, the best corporate travel management system should handle the comprehensive process from raising travel requests to reimbursements and everything in between. As mentioned earlier, every business has a different need, and there is no one-size solution, but some features cannot be common to all.

Below are the 9 features no Employee Travel Management system can do without:

Travel Request

There is a form where the basic employee details such as name, department, and reporting manager are auto-filled. The employee only has to add the details about the next business trip they are about to make. 


As the employee raises the travel request, it is sent for approval from the concerned senior/seniors. Requests can also be auto-approved based on certain norms.

Adherence with Travel Guidelines

The prime motive for enabling an Employee Travel Management System is to reduce the travel manager's shoulders. Thus, when the system abides by the organization's travel policies, it lessens the travel manager's burden. In addition, this feature helps in cost control while approving the travel request.

Easy Booking

A complete Business Travel Management solution lets both the travel managers and the employees book tickets without using the tools curated for regular customers.

Beforehand Reporting

This feature helps you recognize unnecessary spending in specific areas and enables you to make prudent decisions to cut down on these unneeded expenses. 


The hidden costs such as charges for accommodations, changes in bookings, or requests for support can eat the system's cost-effectiveness. Thus, opt for a Travel Management Solution with a transparent pricing structure. 

Eclectic Range of Inventory Options

Your business needs a Corporate Travel Management Software that offers access to the best travel and accommodation providers lets you compare prices, dates, and offers. The best business travel management solution is the one that gives you the most economical solutions and offers a seamless booking experience for both the employees and the travel management team. 

Comprehensive Functionalities

The right business travel management solution for your company is the one that offers an all-in-one solution from making new bookings to accessing or amending them easily without perusing across different providers. 

Top-notch User Support

Things might change while traveling, and your organization needs an Employee Travel Management system that provides real-time solutions to quickly and efficiently manage unforeseen circumstances with a helpful support system and minimal or no fees.