Guide to modern travel management system

Travel management in a corporate setting is a tedious job both for the employee seeking approvals for the business travel plans and the management team finalizing and approving these plans. In the post-pandemic situation, the national and international travel restrictions have been lifted, and business travel has started gaining impetus. Thus, this is the right time to get a travel management system for your organization that manages employee travel. 

This blog has listed 10 features that have to be in employee travel management to qualify for your investment.

Travel Management System Explained

Travel Management Software assists travel managers at an organization in booking, tracking, and assessing business travel. In general, a travel management system is a portal that encompasses travel inventory, reporting, and travel policies and can also imply the complete process of managing business travel.

Features to Look Out in A Corporate Travel Management System

Every travel management software comes with varying features making some better than others. However, here are X features that any corporate travel management system should have to meet every travel need of an organization investing in it.

Adjustable Travel Policies

A prime feature of any employee travel management software is the travel policy. Though the office managers book for the employees, there still needs to be in-app policies that keep the administrators on the same page.

There should be in-app customization by different parameters such as:

  • International prices of hotels on nightly rates 
  • Special policies for a particular class or department of employees
  • Hotel rates in the city on a nightly basis
  • Global policies for international and national flight cost
  • Highest flight cost for particular routes
  • Least number of days needed for booking
  • International maximum train cost
  • Highest train cost for particular routes

The best corporate travel management software is the one that allows the organization to preset its travel policies. Thus, whenever any employee does any booking, the policies are live on the app. 

Adjustable Approval Workflows

There might be cases when a trip has to be booked which does not fall in the purview of the preset travel policies. What to do, then? 

The travel management system should encompass approval workflows within the app itself. Employees do not need to frame an email and send it to their managers and lose all the time invested in working on the travel itinerary. The person booking the trip can request the responsible manager for approvals from the employee management portal itself. The system should also let you customize different managers for approving requests of different teams and other needs customization options.

Offers Better Inventory

If your Employee Travel Management system does not offer economical flight carriers and accommodation options, you miss out on a big money-saving chance that other platforms may offer. 

No Extra Charge for Assistance

Charging for every support call is outdated and expensive. Thus, the best corporate travel management software should assist at no extra cost. Thus, you precisely know what you are paying for in your corporate travel management, and there are no hidden costs and surprise charges at the end of the month.

No Redirections

Being redirected to another website while booking a trip is annoying. Moreover, it confuses the booker whether to trust this new vendor or not. In the case of business travels, redirections make tracking all the trips an almost impossible task. You will be caught in endless browsing by the end of the month to collect all the invoices from varying redirected websites. 

Thus, choose a travel management system with no redirected websites.


Your corporate travel management platform should have a reporting feature where every minute detail related to every trip is reported. The system should track:

  • Travel spends by department or team and by period.
  • The number of travels booked out of policy.

Synching All Travel Plans in One

Many travel management systems do not act as a solo portal, which means you will have tons of invoices from different places. Thus, to reduce the time and effort spent collecting invoices from varying portals, choose travel management software that consolidates all the monthly travel in one invoice.