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Major advantages of having an erp Solution in your factory

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP solution integrates and supports the functional areas of vital business processes such as finance, accounting, human resource, production planning, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, procurement of services and goods, and other miscellaneous management tasks involved.

The market is flooded with software and applications that manage each or a set of these functions individually. Selecting the right technology and software from this herd is a common challenge that manufacturers come across. An ERP Software comes in hand as it efficiently manages and oversees all the vital processes involved in the production, logistics, procurement, accounts, and finance, reporting all these activities on one unified portal.

An excellent ERP Solution has become vital for any modern manufacturer to have a competitive edge against their counterparts and ensure that the production is on-time and efficient. Using traditional factory management methods and not top-notch ERP software can put many obstacles in the company's way to gaining more profits.

Advantages of Deploying an ERP Solution

Suppose you are still using the traditional manual methods to manage and keep a check on all the key business processes in your factory. In that case, you are already losing it against your competitors who operate all these processes through automation. An ERP Software flawlessly does all these manual management tasks. It is packed with a range of features that help you efficiently manage and oversee your company's business processes.

An ERP system is designed to cater to every organization's individual and unique needs depending on its size and strength, irrespective of the industry niche. Here is the list of 4 Advantages of using an ERP Solution:

Integrates Information Among All the Departments

In the traditional methods, the organization stores every department's information in a separate database meant for that specific department. Hence, this data was available only to the employees working in that department. If employees of any other department had to access that data, they had to inquire with those working in that particular department. This resulted in a lengthier corporate process of lending information from one department to another, wasting time.

With ERP implementation, all the information about every department of a company is stored in one database. This means that any employee from any department can easily access the data from another department without wasting time. 

Increased Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, the traditional method of factory management stored variable data from different departments in individual databases. There was a high chance of duplication of this data or the risk of this information not being the latest updates of the current statistics. Thus, decisions based on this data could be inaccurate and result in losses.

With ERP Software, all the data is available in a single database circumventing any risks of data duplication as everyone can access this information. It is timely updated and cross-checked. Decisions made based on the newest statistical updates are more accurate and fruitful to the company.

360 degree Visibility

As an ERP solution provides complete access to every crucial piece of information in every department of the company in one platform, the management can control and pursue the inventory daily, weekly, or monthly. As the decision-makers are concisely aware of the company’s position from the inventory point of view, they can control the working capital more efficiently. They can also get a clear picture of the future consignments which are not been received yet.

Furthermore, there is augmented collaboration and streamlined completion of complicated tasks due to the availability of all the company's data in a centralized location. As a result, a better workflow and inter-dependent processes can easily be managed with excellence. 

Better Planning and Reporting

Implementation of an ERP Solution across all the departments of an organization means that all the crucial data across all the departments are reported on a single, unified platform. By assessing all this data, ERP software can in no time generate flawless reports and useful analytics.

Final Words

A cutting-edge ERP Software is the basic necessity for every company today, and if you do not have one, you are not leveraging technology to the fullest. 

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