Manage your Employee Travel Efficiently

The pandemic changed the working scene globally, and video calls soon replaced face-to-face meetings and conferences. However, as the pandemic has subsided, the travel restrictions too are lifted, and the travel industry has started booming again. If your organization needs employees to travel in the country and internationally for work, an apt employee travel management system is something you should invest in. 

Travel Management in the absence of an Automated System 

In the absence of an automated travel management system, there is a lot of paperwork, rounds of approvals, and working hours to curate the itinerary that finalizes employee travels. The employee curates the travel plan, then it goes from one department to another for approval, and in case a travel plan is out of the scope of the company's policies, the whole cycle is restarted. In other words, an employee spends productive working hours managing itineraries and getting approvals from the concerned departments.

The employee first plans, then books, and the waits for the reimbursement from the company. On several occasions, the hassle of all the planning, getting approvals, booking, and delayed reimbursement in case any discrepancy arises due to misplaced invoices or miscalculation dampens the employees from taking up business travels. 

There is a need of a system that manages all these with minimal hassle to the employee and the specific departments that look after the employee travel and expense management.

What is an Employee Travel Management System?

Corporate travel management or Employee Travel Management software lets the employee plan and book; the managers approve, track and collect invoices, assess the travel plan in real-time; and provide 24/7 free support in case of any queries to the traveler. Moreover, this software lets the organization set its custom travel policies in the app. Thus, when an employee books, the policies are live and shepherd their business travel plan. If a travel plan falls outside the scope of the company's travel policies, an in-app feature notifies the concerned team's manager about the issue, and it can be managed on the portal itself.

Travel management software caters to all the planning, booking, approving, assessing, and tracking needs of an employee's business travel. 

Advantages of Having an Employee Travel Management Software

Apart from managing, planning, and tracking on one portal, there are several advantages of getting an employee travel management softwaresuch as:

Enhances Employee Productivity

When an automated system helps employees plan, book, and manage their business travel, it reduces the hassle for the employee, leaving them with more working hours to be invested in productive tasks. 

Fewer Travel Costs

Any organization that needs its employees to travel in the country or internationally for business spends a good chunk of its budget each year on employee business travels. There are two economical benefits of roping in the best corporate travel management software.

Firstly, the visibility provided by the system aids the organization in understanding the employee's travel habits and spending, recognizing trends, and designing tactics to cut costs on unnecessary tasks. By the year's end, an organization saves an excessive amount of money that would have been spent unnecessarily. 

Secondly, most travel management software offers special concessions and policies for domestic and international flight and hotel bookings and relaxations on minimum time for bookings.

Fewer Risks and Errors

As all the bookings are done from one platform, managing and storing invoices on the cloud makes auditing all the employee travels simple and quick. There are no chances of losing invoices or any other human errors in the case of automated travel management. 

24/7 Support

Most employee travel management software comes with 24/7 free customer support in case of any emergency or query. Thus, fewer employees are needed from your end to support and be available for the traveling employees. Moreover, this is an important feature you need to look for while finalizing any travel management software.