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Why is ERP required for any Business?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are a must to have on the checklist for any small to medium scale business. An ERP system not only provides a systematic structuring of the day to day workflow but also eliminates the chances of error and omissions in the process. Most of the times in everyday chaotic environment of any business, team members tend to ignore SOPs laid down, thus leaving a trace and track problem at a later stage. An ERP system in such a scenario act as a guided platform enabling step wise process. Some of the key benefits of an ERP system are as follows:

Data Control

Since the data right from Sales orders to purchases till despatch is all entered by various users but on the same platform making it much convenient and handy to manage data at all points. Retrieval of data and auto reports act as an important tool for the management to take quick decisions.


Most of the small businesses use multiple free independent tools for various process like free accounting software, excel tools, online feedback forms etc. which makes it difficult to analyse the business for decision making and despite all staggered effort lacks holistic approach. An ERP system helps a business integrate multi departmental functionalities to draw meaningful dashboards.

Quick Response Time

ERP certainly helps in centralizing the process and gaining quick delivery solutions whether pertaining to customer services or deliveries. While scaling up customer satisfaction needs to be taken in equal proportion as the growth thus ERP solution helps the business maintain an equilibrium in managing various parameters of the business.


In today’s world cloud based solutions provides a 24*7 access to the business enabling a timely decision making and thus creates better flexibility in the system. An effective ERP system can handle multiple reporting and analytical solutions for the business.

Cost Reduction

Systematic and one time entry of data in ERP saves cost of management and over management sometimes. Manhours spent on correction of data during audits periodic checks consumes significant cost on otherwise controllable factors.

At DigiGarage we adopt a very focussed approach for building an enterprise software.