What is SaaS?

As compared to traditional system based software, SaaS is a cloud based licensed software which can be accessed anywhere in the world using internet. SaaS poses as a cost-effective competition to .exe software. SaaS software can be taken on a license subscription model and ranges from white labelled to pay as you use kind on pricing model. SaaS is primarily a software distribution model where a third party (service provider) hosts the software on cloud and provide the access to customer over internet. Some of the key advantages of SaaS are under mentioned:

Low operational expense

Running and managing a SaaS based software can be dramatically cheap for any organization as it rules out the cost of owning, maintaining and upgrading the server and software cost. Digi Garage provides 24*7 service on all it’s platforms thus omitting the cost of managing own IT support team or any third party paid support.

24*7 access

Customers can have 24*7 access to their business dashboards. Data and reports can be pulled out anytime from any part of the world. Multiple users can do entries from various locations simultaneously in a central software.

Data Security

Unlike a system based software where entire data can go corrupt and missing owing to problem in a particular PC where the software is loaded, wherein with SaaS your data is secure on cloud based servers with backup provisions.

Easy & Quick Deployment

SaaS software can be deployed quickly just over internet without any mammoth infrastructural requirement like cabling, LAN, servers etc. making it fast and cost effective deployment. SaaS software significantly reduces the CAPEX for any business especially beneficial for new business.

  • Real Estate-Property Listing & Search
  • Housing Society Software- Inbuilt accounting management, security gate and communication platform.
  • Inventory management System- Managing Sales PoS and inventory for shops, stores and showrooms.
  • Travel Management system- Online Management of Car Rental services, Despatch system, Driver Mobile App, Customer Mobile App.
  • Employee Transport Management System- Multiple pick and drop, Bulk Roster feeding, Feedback system, Client Vendor Relation, Compliances portal.
  • Trucking Management System- Truck, Cargo posting, Truck, Cargo search, Freight estimate calculator.

We also undertake end to end SaaS based projects customized to your needs.

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