Live Stock Management

Broiler Integration Management System (BIMS): At Digigarage, we understand that poultry business is completely a scientific process and it has come a long way through the use of technology. Any business which deals with livestock requires constant monitoring of various parameters through human intervention at regular intervals. With human intervention there are high chances of errors and leakages. Technological advances have to be made in order to manage the entire gambit of poultry business in a professional manner. To keep up with the technological advancements it becomes absolutely imperative to aggrandize the way this business is managed. BIMS is easy to use software which enables the relevant stakeholders to capture the records and entries at various levels in real time and through the entire journey of Poultry Business. Poultry Management Software not only ensures transparency at all levels but also assists in taking corrective measures at the appropriate time and level. The software has an in-built Poultry Accounting System which reduces the effort of separately maintaining the accounts related to the business. The best advantage of the in-built accounting system is that almost every event being recorded in the Software has an automated corresponding accounting entry. Software converts these records into meaningful reports and alarms to create value for your business. Although certain pre-fed reports have been created post consultation with our clients, but we don’t mind adding a few more to our list. The software comes with the flexibility of being hosted both on Cloud as well as Physical Server.

Key Features

  • Purchase Book
  • Daily Chick Growth Record on Mobile App
  • Stock Transfer
  • Stock Sales
  • Vaccination Records
  • Sales Book
  • Accounting Journal
  • Balance Sheet/ P&L Statement
  • Multi Farm Management
  • GC Calculator

Admin Features

  • Purchase entry
  • Create multiple farm
  • View farm wise profitability
  • GC Calculator
  • Set your own agreement terms with farms
  • Create multiple supervisors and lifters
  • Mobile App for Line Supervisor & Lifter
  • Track your Line Supervisor
  • Track your expenses
  • Stock Transfer
  • Auto Calculations of farm incentives
  • Purchase records
  • Get alarms
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Assign farms, routes to supervisors

Supervisor Features

  • App based recording system
  • Daily Weight entry
  • Cull and mortality entry
  • Feed consumption entry
  • Vaccination & Medicine entry
  • Choose from assigned farms
  • Auto conveyance calculation
  • Separate Login for Lifter

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