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Why is there a need of ERP for Factory Management?

With the growing number of MSMEs across all sectors, the competition is also getting stiff. In order to stay ahead, it is important that automation of the entire functioning is done. Automation helps in bringing out the economies of scale and also saves on lot of time for the key position holders. This not only helps the key position holders in planning for strategic things, but also helps them in keeping updated about the proceedings. In nutshell, this helps them in focusing on macro issues as well, apart from routine/micro issues. Digi Garage has developed one of the best factory management software which will resolve day to day challenges faced by a manufacturing unit.   

A factory or a production house comprises of various independent as well as interdependent departments running their functions in tandem for smooth roll out of finished goods. Apart from production, there are a lot of other functions which are indirectly associated with it be it Sales, Dealer Management, Supply Chain, Employee Payroll Management, Warehouse Management, Accounting etc. All these functions are inter-dependent at some point or the other, and a proper workflow needs to be designed in order to orchestrate them. This helps in achieving a bird’s eye view of the complete unit.    

An ERP for a factory management is very comprehensive software considering that a lot of functions need to be integrated. Each activity needs to be interlinked in a logical manner so that the effect flows to all the concerned functions in a timely manner. Post these inter linking the final outcome has to be integrated into accounts and other functional reports. 



Why is there a need of ERP for Factory Management?

An ERP for a factory management is very comprehensive software considering that a lot of functions need to be integrated. Each activity needs to be interlinked in a logical manner so that the effect flows to all the concerned functions in a timely manner. Post these inter linking the final outcome has to be integrated into accounts and other functional reports. 

Key Features

  • Sales Team integration
  • Sales Order Creation
  • Sales Approval Mechanism
  • Sales Force Management System
  • Dealer/Customer Integration
  • Delivery Order
  • DC/GRN Creation
  • Sales Bill
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Stock Management System
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Purchase Management System
  • Accounting Management System
  • User Control Management System
  • Sales/Purchase Return
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Employee Payroll management
  • Discounting Mechanism
  • Reports
  • Recipe creation for quick production

The features of the ERP for Factory Management provided by Digigarage comprises of the following Modules:

Business Management Dashboard

The dashboard provides an aerial view of reports from all the departments and their subsidiaries along with overall reports. This helps in monitoring key business activities like orders received, orders pending, overall stock value, dispatches done, dispatches pending, POs pending, Dealers’ outstanding etc.

Sales Team Integration

Sales Team is a very integral part of any business and we believe that a limited access should be provided to them so that they can have an understanding of the real time scenario with respect to their clients under their respective area of responsibility. The sales team can get to know the current outstanding and the ordering limit for their clients post which they can approach them being aware of the real time scenario. 


Sales Order Creation

Through their independent log in a sales person on field and the dealer/customer both will have option to generate new sales request through smart phones. This not only helps in saving time of the dealer/customer but also assists in quick turn-around time of an order.

Sales Approval Mechanism

Sales orders once generated will be put up for approval by the competent authority. Before approving the person can check the payment history, outstanding and order limit value of the particular dealer/customer. The approving authority can also view the payment commitments made by customer/sales person and will also have option to add further commitments and remarks, if any.


Sales Force Travel Management System

Each field sales person will also be equipped with an integrated travel App to capture live locations, check in points and auto calculations of distance and conveyance amount. The travel requisition would have its own approval mechanism and will travel accordingly. 

Delivery Order

Auto creation of delivery order once the order is approved. Delivery orders are send automatically to plant team for manufacture process. Delivery orders carry all relevant details pertaining to order and customer and no manual intervention is required.


Dc/Grn Creation

Once the delivery is updated by production team, auto DC is created with a printable format. Process includes weigh bridge integration and loading unloading details. Similarly, in case of purchase, auto GRNs are created when material is received. All these activities also automatically update the stock status.

Billing & Invoicing

The ERP has an Auto Billing and invoicing feature which happens post creation of sales bills. Since all the data is pre-fed into the ERP, so there is no requirement to make manual invoices. ERP is constantly updaqted with respect to taxation policy of the government. Once the Sales Bill is created, it automatically updates the corresponding ledgers from the accounting perspective.

Recipt Creation

Manufacturing is a process which has been tried and tested and there is a fixed recipe for the same. This recipe involves putting in fixed combination of various raw materials to get a final product. Now various such recipes can be created on the ERP wherein the raw material can added as a fixed value or as a percentage.    


Stock Management System

Stock management is a very integral part for any manufacturing set up. The software is linked in such a manner whereby any type of stock, whether be it Finished or Work in Progress (WIP), live updates for the same are available. The software also has the feature of Auto stock updation, live stock value, tracking of stock at various warehouses/plants, option to fix Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ) for each stock type. This is dynamically associated with Raw Material and Sales.

Supply Chain Management

The software has the feature whereby third party (for supply chain) or own logistics integration is possible with the ERP. This not only helps in tracking of transportation cost of a particular order and the related vendors, but also helps in understanding the Supply Chain as a cost centre.


Purchase Management System

Purchase of raw material for running a factory is a continuous and a very important function. The ERP Auto updates to remind low stock level items of raw material. This level can be set up by the management at the time of incorporating the software for the first time. This initiates auto PO creation, PO approval system, PO tracking till the time the goods finally arrive in the factory. With multiple Pos being created there is an option to settle GRN with specific PO numbers.

Accounting Management system

Integrated Accounting software is GST ready Accounting Software that lets you send invoices, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory, generate reports, and file GST returns effortlessly. Get access to your Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, P&L statements and other relevant reports. All the above modules of software are integrated to the accounting platform thus eliminating the need of separate operational and accounting software.


User Control Management System

In a Manufacturing/Factory set up there will be multiple users handling the ERP at various functions apart from the administrator who will have complete access of the software. The software comprises of a panel which gives the option to create any users and define their access levels. This makes the users independent as far as their role/departments is concerned and also simultaneously ensures confidentiality of each department.

Warehouse Management System

Functioning of a Manufacturing unit/Factory is dynamically associated with the Warehouse. Management of one or more warehouse also forms part of the ERP. The software has a feature of adding multiple warehouses with the option of Stock Transfer within Warehouses. This also has the feature of adjusting the price of the stock in case of an inter warehouse transfer.


Employee Payroll Management

The ERP has the feature of managing the Payroll of all the employees of the Factory/Manufacturing unit and this is linked with the Accounting Management System. 

Discounting Mechanism

This feature in the ERP provides for adding a fixed or a percentage based discounting mechanism which automatically gets implemented at the time of billing. 


The ERP comprises of various Reports in a detailed format which are downloadable. This helps in providing the aerial view of the entire business in real time and assists in decision making.

DigiGarage is a Leading production house software with end to end integrated platform which helps you run the company on a single platform encompassing all major functions. Digi Garage is one of the best factory management companies in india.

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