Mobile Apps are the new place to manage your business smartly.

There can be no better position for a business than being on your consumer’s fingertips. Mobile application certainly improves your visibility to the consumer and attracts higher loyalty and stickiness. We design simple to use and attractive to look at, Mobile Apps. We take your vision from scratch to a real App Platform. We design, develop and deploy your ideas into an App with an expertise in developing IoS, Android and Windows App.

If you are looking for the best mobile app development company in India, look no further. Digi Garage has a highly experienced team which delivers customised mobile applications as per your requirements at low cost.


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What is the need of a mobile App?

A Mobile app provides cutting advantage over web based applications or sites. Today over 80% of internet user prefers mobile viewing over a desktop or laptop. While we can argue that a responsive website can run well on a mobile screen but numerous benefits of Mobile App takes a mile lead over web services.

Speed and Performance

Mobile sites uses Java scripts to call their functions while Apps run on framework which makes their speed many times faster than the sites. Mobile sites use servers to fetch the data which may take few seconds to minutes whereas mobile App has capability to store data locally on the device thus retrieval of data can be a matter of fraction of a second.

Personalized Access

Your customers can be given personalized preferences as it is easy to identify your customer on an App. Like understanding your customers’ previous searches, likes, dislikes etc which makes your selling more targeted.

Brand Recall

It is easier for a brand to maintain a “Top of Mind” with the customers as it gets easier to reach out to the brand. On the contrary, with a mobile site it is extremely difficult to recall new brands and their URLs.

Push Notifications

Customers can be kept continuously engaged and updated using features like notifications. App also allow two-way communication with your customers making it even more engaging.

Device Integration

One of the amazing features of a mobile App is to integrate and use the features of the device itself. Most of the services makes it handy by using features like mobile camera, GPS, NFC etc. Functionalities like QR scanning, bar code scanning, gyro meter, maps, tracking etc. can be easily integrated with the App using customer mobile.

Digi Garage offers its clients with fully functional and effective Android and iOS mobile applications as per the business requirement.

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